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The World's Longest Job Interview

Three hours... I am not exaggerating. In fact, I am DISexaggerating, because it was actually 3.5 hours... Three and a half hours of talking about myself.

I did discover a few things though.

  1. I can talk about myself for about 2.5 hours before I sort of want to punch myself in the face.
  2. I can hold my pee for a really long time.
  3. Spanx is really uncomfortable.


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wendy" show_email="0"$>$>:

LOL I had to spend weeks interviewing job candidates once, it's really nice when one answers all your questions before you've even had time to ask them, you start to enjoy the ride! Good luck!

David" show_email="0"$>$>:

Only 3.5 hours ?????


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