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The one in which I will not address my absence. Trust me, all you missed was ennui followed by misanthropy followed by meh.

What happens when you get laid off:

Nothing. Nothing happens. Because it is super boring being laid off. Also, you start ironing your dish towels, cleaning your faucets with a toothbrush, and acting like you know the people on the TV.

What happens when you move to a ground floor apartment:

The sudden realization that you are gross. Everyone can see you with your bed-head, in your PJ's with the hole in it, eating bagels! Close your blinds!

What happens when you take Geriatric Mark to the bear bar by your new apartment:

He is his normal, affable self. He will sit there like, hey! This is totally normal for me, and I am not at all uncomfortable! His eyeballs will stay firmly planted inside his head and everything. And then you will leave. And then he will not know what to do with himself.


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wendy" show_email="0"$>$>:

I need the 'meh', it goes with my luke warm tea and ridiculously outsized pile of dirty laundry.

lizardek" show_email="0"$>$>:

Hurray! I hope this means you're back!

David" show_email="0"$>$>:

Good to have you back... missed ya !

undercovercookie" show_email="0"$>$>:

It's good to have you back, Jen.


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