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Pent Up Sexual Frustration Day

You know that Potential Rebound Boyfriend I spoke about earlier? Well, he is DRIVING ME ABSOLUTELY INSANE! Good grief, he needs to wear looser pants. He is distracting me with the not loose enough pants!

Also, he needs to stop being so fucking pretty. Why oh why do his eyes have to crinkle up like that on the sides? That too is driving me insane! Bah!

And I won't even go into his big man hands. Because then I will spontaneously combust.


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D-Man" show_email="0"$>$>:

Just picture him in his underwear.
Oh, hang on, that's for when you have to do a speech, isn't it?

Sara" show_email="0"$>$>:

Oh, just do him already.

golfwidow" show_email="0"$>$>:

How many presents has he given you?

Oddly, none... YET! However, he is extremely doting (and did I mention HAWT?) so I will give him some time to make up for it.
ange" show_email="0"$>$>:

yeah, what Sara said!

vangie" show_email="0"$>$>:

crinkle on a woman's eyes = crow's feet
crinkle on a man's eyes = fucking pretty

sigh. and yeah, what sara said (although the pineapple might hurt)

lucy" show_email="0"$>$>:

Tell us more about those big man hands...


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