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Well, what do you know?

I was surprised to find out that I've been singing the right lyrics all along to "The Joker"... Some people really do call me Maurice.

Go figure.


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mikey" show_email="0"$>$>:

ok maurice... what is it that you speak of?

Jennifer" show_email="0"$>$>:

Space cowboys! And how I'm the gangster of love.

CaptainRon" show_email="0"$>$>:

Duh, of course she speaks of the pompitous of love

mikey" show_email="0"$>$>:

ok, so WTF does pompitous mean?

golfwidow" show_email="0"$>$>:

http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a4_065.html . (Go you guys, expecting sense from someone who rhymes "Abracadabra" with "reach out and grab ya". Or "Texas" with "facts is", for that matter.)

Jennifer" show_email="0"$>$>:

Ahhh. "Abracadabra"... Now that was a great song.

Kaitlin" show_email="0"$>$>:

So you were watching That 70's Show too, huh?

My first car was named Maurice.

Jennifer" show_email="0"$>$>:

My first car was named "Mohammed Abdul". But we shortened it to "Mo".

Anyway, NO! I was listening to KD Lang! KD LANG! Not That 70's Show! (Although I DID see That's 70's Show, but I totally didn't connect it until a couple hours ago)

Lisa" show_email="0"$>$>:

KD Lang is so underappreciated. I don't want to look at her, but man can she belt out a tune.


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