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Dickhead Ponch

Dickhead Ponch is my (almost) ex-husband. but way before he was that, he was my high-school sweetheart (awww).

And this one time? I was going to ride a bike to the store and he said, "Don't ride it". Something about it being too tall for me and having a flat tire. And I said, "Pft! You can't tell me what to do!" and took off down the street.

And then a cat ran in front of me and I freaked out and fell down. On a cactus. And then Ponch laughed. And then I gave him the stink eye and walked home and made him pull the thorns out of my ass.

Now here are 5 things about the Ponch:

  1. Yes. I married Ponch. Complete with the Erik Estrada bouffant hair. It is thick, and lustrous, and VERY Q-TIP LIKE IN APPEARANCE!
  2. When Ponch visited my neighborhood, he got hit on A LOT! By The Gays! Oh how I laughed and I laughed... because he is Homophobia Ponch.
  3. Ponch has a several siblings that I like a lot and a mother that I would like to poke with a fork. Or stab. Possibly with a knife.
  4. Ponch often smells like Rustoleum. But that's only when he doesn't smell like motor oil.
  5. My mother named her cat "Ponch", because like Ponch, he is very very pretty... But dumb.


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Comments (7)

Jennifer" show_email="0"$>$>:

Yo! I would pay FIVE DOLLARS to see a Dicknose!

Louisa" show_email="0"$>$>:

*chuckles for a good while*

Gargy" show_email="0"$>$>:

Whoa! I work with a Dicknose, a Dickwit and a couple of Dickspanks. They're colonising the entire planet!

Rachel" show_email="0"$>$>:

Wow! Your ex-husband's name is Dickhead? That's funny because my ex-boyfriend's name is Dickface. I wonder if they're related...

katherine" show_email="0"$>$>:

such a strange phenomenon... my exhusband is simply, "Dick". Short and unimpressive... kinda like him. *heh*

Pauly D" show_email="0"$>$>:

I saw we lynch Dickhead.

Brandi" show_email="0"$>$>:

Watch this: http://www.gvincxxx.com/xxxtasee.cgi/420dmj2.html and then pay up missy.


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